We take pictures for nursery, elementary and secondary schools

Nursery schools

For parents, we provide a wide range of different sized photos including graphic design. The parents may choose themselves in the order form what they want – we do not force them different sized "sets of photos" that must be taken complete or nothing. The graphic design is modified every year; therefore, it cannot happen that a child has the same offer twice throughout his/her attendance in the nursery school. The nursery school is provided with a perfect service – everything is carefully prepared and packaged for each child in order the school has minimum worries with handover of photos to the parents.
We also provide spring photographing of children with a motif "Mother's Day" and photographing of groups of individual classes.

If interested in photographing your nursery, please contact us: info@promoce.cz

Elementary and secondary schools

Photo yearbooks and groups

We offer classic photographing of school groups in various graphic design. We also provide photographing of groups of whole schools appropriate for the school anniversary. Yearbooks in spiral binding (A5) with hard covers suitable for ninth and graduation classes. For the secondary schools, we provide photographing of leaving certificate ceremony.
If interested in photographing your school, please contact us: info@promoce.cz