Frequently asked questions:

  1. How long from the graduation ceremony does it take to publish photos?
  2. What is the term for order completion?
  3. How should I proceed if I do not receive any order confirmation per email?
  4. Are photos selected, eventually adjusted in a computer?
  5. What is the difference between DVD and FULL HD?
  6. Is it possible to remove some pictures of my person from the public offer of photos?
  7. Is it possible to order photos from more events at once?
  8. Are you sending orders to abroad?

1. - Photos are published after their adjustment, c. 3 – 4 working days after the graduation ceremony.

2. - The ordered contracts are prepared within 7 – 8 days after ordering. The exact delivery term is mentioned in the email which we send automatically when we receive your order. If you do not receive this email, your order has not been correctly finished and is not registered in our system.

3. - If you do not receive any email confirmation after sending the order, please check firstly whether you mentioned your email correctly in the registration. Unregistered customers may check their data if they used the option PRINT or SAVE the order after it was finished. Eventually, you may contact us.

4. - After taking photos, pictures are firstly selected (technically low-quality pictures are set aside) and then adjusted in a computer. If it is necessary, cut, density and colour design of photos is adjusted.

5. - Any record on a DVD carrier is a standard SD system PAL, resolution 720 x 576. This quality corresponds e.g. to the television reception which is analogue. The DVD carrier may be played in ordinary DVD recorders and computers with a DVD drive. Any FULL HD record on a flash disc (USB) is the High definition system, resolution 1920 x 1080. This quality is like television broadcasting spread digitally via satellite in the HD resolution. The USB flash disc may be played in all devices which have the USB connection.

6. - If you do not wish to display some pictures with your person or your relatives in the public gallery, please send us an email to We will do our best to satisfy your wishes but it is not possible to hide pictures which are common for more persons, e.g. groups and other global pictures.

7. - It is not possible. You have to finish an order and start again for another event – graduation ceremony. If you want to send orders per post, please inform us via email that you have more orders and we can send them together. In case you selected personal pick-up in our store, it is good to inform the store staff about it.

8. - Yes, paying by card when ordering.