Photos on cards

We take pictures for any type of cards. To have a professional photo on an identity card or a passport, we will take a picture of you; after your acceptance of the picture, we will send the photo directly to the office issuing your card.

We can make your photographs for a US visa of non-standard size.

15 min. (4 pcs, 3.5 × 45 cm)    CZK 139
(8 pieces 3.5 × 45 cm)    CZK 209
3 days CZK 99
Ordering additional photos CZK 70
Photos on CD CZK 50
US VISA – 5×5 cm
3 days CZK 120
30 minutes CZK 220

We provide taking pictures of your workers and employees of government authorities for corporate ID cards, ID cards for your workplace. The price depends on the number of person photographed; the quotation is prepared on request.