Transfer of VHS, 8mm, Hi8, DV to a DVD

přepis kazet na CDSave your family records in timely manner and let them digitize as soon as possible. Records on all magnetic tapes lose in time their quality and finally, they are completely destroyed.

Your old tapes are digitized and saved on a normal DVD or on a special archive DVD with the lifetime of 160 years (DVD medium – Data Tresor Disc with DTD technology). For the 8mm tapes, Hi8mm and DV, we recommend you to bring your camera, with which they have been acquired.


  • Digitization, 60 minutes including saving on a normal DVD – CZK 300
  • Surcharge for saving on a DVD – Data Tresor Disc – CZK 30 each DVD
  • One DVD can hold about 120 minutes of recording