The offer of photographs and video records from your Matriculation

All the photographs offered by us are shown in lower quality with an embedded "fotoreal" watermark because of the protection; they are sufficient for your orientation when selecting. The original quality pictures, without the embedded watermark, can be viewed on a screen in our store.

Save your photos on a CD into your family archive
(for details see the section "Photos on a CD";
for prices see the price list)

A discount for the data storage      


The pictures ARE NOT sorted in the order they were photographed. Therefore, check the pictures from your graduation or matriculation in detail until the end. The pictures are displayed as complete pictures – as they have been photographed. When making classic photographs, the machine frame will trim from each side about 1.0 mm; therefore, be careful when ordering the pictures where you are directly on the picture edge. When saving pictures as data on a CD, they are complete in their original resolution.

VideokameraDocumentary digital video recording

It is taken using a digital video camera at current light and sound conditions. We offer copies of the original record that are saved on a DVD medium or VHS tape. The video recording is not the same for all, it is individual for each graduate. It contains coming of all the graduates, professors, speeches, shots of guests, oath and presentation of the diploma, congratulations and exit from the auditorium. The detail of mace oath and presentation of the diploma is only for the graduate ordering the video recording. Therefore, when ordering, it is necessary to fill the name of the graduate who should be on the video record (when completing your order, it is the field: Mandatory control data).

How to order

Photos and video recording can be ordered via the internet, at the store in person or via email. WE DO NOT ACCEPT telephone orders! For selected numbers of pictures, please indicate number and size of photos – the size is usually 10×15. The photos are made on the Kodak paper with gloss finish. The matt finish for photos of graduation or matriculation is not recommended for its lower resolution and brilliance. For the video recording, please indicate the number and type of the medium, on which you want to record the reportage (for the selection of media see the price list). The video record is not possible to be uploaded to your medium!

The pictures are being archived for 10 years.
Any other requests and complaints should be dealt with Mrs. Hladíková at the time from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Phone: 777 673 127.

Information for foreign customers

The orders from abroad (except Slovakia) are not possible to be sent as cash on delivery parcel, therefore, it is necessary to indicate an address of your friends in the Czech Republic (in agreement with them, in order they do not refuse to take the delivery). If you want to send your order to a foreign country, select the way of takeover –"by a mail abroad". Pay the total amount into our account – the account number will be displayed on the screen when selecting the takeover as cash on delivery! The order will be made and sent after crediting the entire amount to our account. The foreign graduates staying in the Czech Republic are recommended to pick up their order at our store in person.
Thank you for your order.

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